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GEMS 1-5-3

GEMS 1-5-3 is ready to download.  The password is "5zjv7nabjtt6c".
Here are the latest updates:

1.5.3 Feb-11-99

  • Fix ballot editor cut-and-paste of races with many (>8) candidate columns
  • Fixed HeaderEditor where it fails to load the default language label when first started up.
  • Added multiple printing option to SummaryReportDlg. A new Summary Report Print box will show the status of each report while printing.
  • Added right and bottom timing mark numbers to Ballot Editor.
  • Added messages to CIOException for Winsockets.
  • Fixed problem with BufferedSockets infinite wait for data on close (Causing waitlock timeouts)
  • Fixed problem with exception being thrown in CbufferedSocket destructor
  • Added Logging to Regional Results server.