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GEMS 1.5.7

Password is nfds8qweiusuy.  Since the last public release (1.5.3) support for uploading Alameda databases from the AccuTouch over modem has been added, as well as some fixes to Summary Report that were introduced that release.

1.5.7 also contains some pretty radical changes to the poster.  GEMS should no longer loose poster jobs if it crashes while jobs are still in the queue.  You can test this by deliberately killing GEMS while feeding it memory cards on several machines.  It would be a good idea to spend some time testing this feature.


1.5.7 Feb-19-99
  • Fix Print Summary Report printing and HTML output (1.5.3)

1.5.6 Feb-18-99

  • Poster crash recovery. If GEMS crashes which jobs are pending in the poster queue, they will be recovered when GEMS restarts.

1.5.5 Feb-15-99

  • GEMS will now not report a precinct as returned until after the counters have actually reached the database
  • Improve performance of posting upload jobs

1.5.4 Feb-12-99

  • Regional upload now attempts to send an error message to Client if there is a problem.

Ken Clark