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GEMS 1.5.8

Password is ots63msdrpwfn.  The reset mem card bug is potentially serious, but probably won't effect anyone.  Memory cards were not being reset to not programmed when exiting election mode, and as a result the version number would not be incremented when they were reprogrammed after entering again.  Just make sure all your memory cards have been reprogrammed since the last time you entered election mode, and you will be okay.

The poster stuff has lasted a week without exposing any egregious errors, so I think 1.5.8 is pretty stable.  The Programmers Choice(TM) releases are 1.5.2 and 1.5.8.

1.5.8 Feb-24-99

  • Fix internal error in race editor when using district rotation in options tab (1.4.1).
  • Fix bug where exiting election mode would not reset mem cards to not programmed (1.5.6)

Ken Clark