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RE: GEMS 1.11.1

GEMS 1.11.1 is ready.  Password is "uegnh.uailrqk". 
The critical upload bug fix is in there.  Upgrade if you are running 1.8.1 or later.
There is a new button in the election setup dialog to change the election id.  Change the election id whenever you create a new election based on a "template" database.  This will ensure your election id is different than past elections.
Finally, check out the rich text endorsement candidate stuff.  There is now an "endorsement width" field and "wrap candidate" flag under ballot options which replaces the old "short, long, none" endorsement text options.  This width defines how much of the candidate text area is allocated to the party text.  If you check the wrap candidate box, then the candidate text will wrap if there is not enough room for both the candidate and the endorsement.  Previously, the text would just overlap.  To get the old behavior, uncheck the wrap candidate box and set the endorsement width to something large.

1.11.1 Jun-29-99

  • Added regenerate election id button to Election Setup.
  • Fixed bug uploading on more than one port simultaneously (1.8.1)
  • Added endorsement text width option, and wrap candidate label checkbox to Ballot Option.
  • Changed the default Precinct Summary Report to not have Race Id checked.
  • Fix bug in setting race to recalled (1.5.1).