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AVTSIS-3-10-1 prerelease

AVTSIS-3-10-1.zip    uzel1d5po6ujq
AVTS-3-10-1.zip       iobg/k4jwoy4s
This release is for testing AccuVote TS accounts running this November.  The official release will come once we are happy with the test results, and any bugs found are fixed.  Everyone is encouraged to get involved with this testing.  Please direct any bug reports to the bugtrack list.  Work on the Poll Book is still in progress.  Programming smart cards and reporting should work, but upload is not ready yet.  We will also be improving the Poll Book user interface.  The priority however is to get the Ballot Station stable in time for installation on early voting machines.  We will turn our attention to the poll book once the Ballot Station is solid.  Likewise, testing should concentrate on the Ballot Station first.
The TS administrative procedures have changed considerably with 3.10.1.  In short, the TS should act a lot more like the AccuVote when it comes to administration.  Send any comments on how the interface can be improved to the support list.  We would really like some feedback in this area.