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AVTS-3-10-2, GEMS-1-12-2, AVTSTemplate-3-10-2

The version 3-10-2 of TS is ready.  The passwords are:
AVTSIS-3-10-2.zip  cmbd8peftcarg
AVTS-3-10-2.zip    kpoen89w2aple
The new template for this version is ready. The passwords is:
AVTSTemplate-3-10-2.zip  ozkgapuvg4aek
The version of 1-12-2 of GEMS is ready for download.  The passwords is:
GEMS-1-12-2.zip   ik12lkd2nqmpr
GEMS-1-12-2 and the new template AVTSTemplate-3-10-2 need to download to AVTS-3-10-2.
Here is the readme for AVTS-3-10-2 since 3.9.5


                     Version information stored for all file types.
                     Eliminiate ElectionName, ExportTo, and SecDir from registry.
                     Hard disk label (serial number) no longer used.
                     Download data stored on removable media (election.dld). 
                     Print floppy disk label after download.  Disk contents label.txt stored on removable media.
                     Removable media (floppy) used as primary storage.  Results (.brs), audit (.adt), voter history (.hst) are updated on the removable media during election processing.
                     Database (.mdb) and style (.sty) files no longer stored on the removable media (floppy).
                     Store database and secondary data in  ...\Ballot Station\ folder for Ballot Station and ...\Poll Book\ for Poll Book. 
                     Removed challenge result file.  All ballots are now stored in the .brs file.
                     Administrative user interface changed to behave more like the AccuVote.
                     Eliminate archive election and transfer archives.
                     Precinct and Voter Group labels are displayed in the voter instruction screen.
                     Support text scale factor controlled by GEMS AccuVote-TS setup.
                     Support ballot headers and footers. 
                     Support @precinct header macro.
                     Support race headers.  Limitation of one header per race group.
                     Support download of host phone number and server address.


 The readme for GEMS-1-12-2 since 1-12-2


                     Added artwork version option to Ballot Options.
                     Fixed bug where checking on “print precinct on back” under Ballot Options while cards are printed gives error.
                     Changed the ballot cast instruction rich text for write-ins.
                     Fixed Vgroup Combo boxes in District editor.
                     Added  ExportID field to the District Editor, Race, Base Precinct, Header, Regions, Language, Vote center and Report Precinct Editor.
                     All the ExportID fields added to the Export ID editor.
                     Added refresh screen functionality.
                     Fixed bug allowed to change Candidate Type field to Write-in when the election status is Card Printed.
                     Added sorting of the entries in the PrintCards dialog