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AVTS-3-10-9, GEMS-1-13-1

I had asked Dmitry to send this to Jane and Rodney for testing, but on reflection it is probably worth a general announcement.
This release uses the new GEMS v2 upload protocol.  The Poll Book and Ballot Station now transfer ballot images as well as results.  The ballot images are needed for write-in and challenge results, plus ballot auditing.  You should also find that the time to build results on the TS has been improved.  Please give me some feedback on this.  The download protocol and ballot station files are compatible with previous 3-10 releases.  It is only upload (transfer results) that has changed.  In short, you don't have to upgrade the ballot station to take advantage of the new upload;  just the poll book.
The GEMS Ballot Audit view is complete;  there is a new menu item "Ballot Audit" for this.  It displays paper ballots with filled ovals of the results from the AccuVote-TS.  Upload and download have now been combined into one server according to protocol major version.  Use the v1 server for 1.94 AccuVote upload/download, and use v2 server for the AccuVote-TS upload/download.  TS upload should now behave much like the old AccuVote upload did.  The list view now tracks those machines that have uploaded, and you need to reset the machine or election on the server before you can re-upload.  The regional result server is no longer used for AccuVote-TS results.
Please give this a good run around the block and submit any bug reports.  There are some rough edges with the AV servers, but it otherwise is looking pretty good so far.
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AVTS-3-10-9 and GEMS-1-13-1 are ready:
AVTSIS-3-10-9.zip                    cmbd8peftcarg
AVTSIS-NOMDAC-3-10-9.zip     ik12lkd2nqmpr
AVTS-3-10-9.zip                       kpoen89w2aple
GEMS-1-13-1.zip                      fagjqwglswr4u
Changes to AVTS:
                      Handle failure of some files during upload.
Changes to GEMS:
                Fixed bug displaying all Vgroups in both the VGroup list boxes in the header editor.
                Post write-in counters.
                Post ballot box to database.
                Load TS vcenter/machine list and ballots into ballot image audit viewer.
                Display write-in lables on ballot audit viewer.
                Fix AV server crash when TCP ports are open.
                Record and play back voice.