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Staff Room Access for May 2001

This is the first weekend of May so, starting this weekend, to access the Staff Room ( https://staff.dieboldes.com ) from outside our firewalls you'll need to use:

Name:  support
Password: rockbulb18

The password is changed on the first weekend of every month and posted to the announcements mailing list.

In case you missed it, the current password is:

Name: support
Password: crudfix49  (expires this weekend)

Note that I normally post material unedited because there is very little time budgeted for site maintenance.  Please feel free to edit (i.e. fix) something that is on the site and post me, mailto:webmaster@dieboldes.com, with the revision.  I can do conversions to different formats.  Eventually I plan to provide a way for others to post directly to the site but, until then, I'm the middleman.

Feedback is always welcome.