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FW: Voter turnout heavy despite rain

Here's our fine Accounts Payable staff hard at work in Georgia!

Steve Moreland
Director of Customer Service
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.

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Subject: FW: Voter turnout heavy despite rain

Attached is Patt's picture. I had sent to Patt. The picture has already
changed on the TV shot since they are changing them.

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Subject: Voter turnout heavy despite rain

Great Shot! I know a CELEBRITY!
Title: Voter turnout heavy despite rain

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Voter turnout heavy despite rain
By Lynn Harasin, Channel 2 Action News

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November 5, 2002 -- Voter turnout VotingPatt May, left, of Diebold Election Systems, talks with Allen Moss, poll manager at the Pine Log Fire Station voting precinct in Pine Log, Ga., Tuesday.--AP Photo

is a heavy today despite the rainy weather.

The Secretary of State's Office says they don't have official numbers yet, but they're hearing three words: heavy, heavy, heavy.

Poll workers at E. Rivers Elementary say they're thrilled with the crowds today -- steady all morning long despite the torrential rains.

When you vote they will give you a card, which activates your voting machine. Not enough of the cards was the problem in some places, however.

In Mableton, long lines were up even before the polls opened at 7 a.m. Some would-be voters fled when the rain started but most squeezed into South Cobb High School's theater to begin the process.

Everyone seemed to handle the new touch screen voting without a hitch.

"I didn't know what to expect," said one voter said. "I didn't do the mock voting but once I got on, it was pretty easy. It was much easier. Easy to read and I feel that my vote counted this time."

Among those impressed with the crowds was Gov. Roy Barnes, who grew up in this neighborhood.

The poll workers told me it was the biggest crowd they've ever seen.

"I think people are interested in voting and I think they're very interested in the machines, too," said Barnes.

In Union City, things were a mess at this voting precinct. There was no end in sight to the lines because only one voting machine was working. It took ones lady two hours to vote.

"I was pretty upset," said Andrea Phifer. "Very upset. I don't understand how you can send 14 machines and 1 card. I mean, I don't understand since we were told since 6:15 a.m. that the cards were enroute. They finally got here. They finally got through but that was hard."

They finally got things working here much to the relief of Atlanta City Councilman Ivory Lee Young Jr.

"As you know it is raining and as difficult as it is to come out and vote anyway the challenge was, will they stay?" Young said.

He said he counted 16 people who left in frustration. But by and large things are going swimmingly today.

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