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AVS Election Article

Advanced Voting Solutions Debuts Successfully in Three States

First time use of wireless touch screen system gets rave reviews from voters

Frisco, Texas, 11/11/2002 - The nation's first wireless touch screen voting system made a successful debut in the election equipment marketplace Tuesday when it was used for the first time in seven voting jurisdictions in three states. The wireless system automatically activates the election system and automatically uploads precinct totals, eliminating the need for poll-worker intervention. The new system automatically loads the election on each WINvote unit, saving weeks of election setup.

The WINvote system from Advanced Voting Solutions (AVS) of Frisco, Texas was used in Fairfax and Arlington counties in Virginia; Hinds County, Mississippi; and Wake, Watauga, Madison and Henderson counties in North Carolina.

Connie Cochran, chairperson of the Hinds County Election Board, said following Tuesday night's election in which the WINvote wireless system was deployed countywide that, "It's been the best election day I've ever seen in Mississippi history."

In Virginia, voters in Fairfax and Arlington counties used touch screen voting for the first time. "We had an overwhelmingly positive response from the voters," said Kimberlee Yeahl, AVS's regional manager. "We could not have been more pleased with the way our WINvote system was received."

"The WINvote system was deployed both in early voting and Election Day voting environments", said Howard Van Pelt, president of Advanced Voting Solutions. "We were extremely pleased with the way it performed and by the response of the voters who generally gave rave reviews to the intuitive system."

'We expect this successful experience to validate WINvote's presence in the marketplace and create awareness among election administrators that there are significant technological advantages with the system," he added.

Advanced Voting Solutions is predicting a bright future for its WINvote suite of products. "Our company's product philosophy goes beyond hardware and software," said VicePresident, Larry Ensminger. The WINvote technology, along with our training and support services, addresses the underlying problems that voting jurisdictions need to solve."

Lesley Koop Thompson
Customer Service Project Manager
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