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DIMS Acquisition

Diebold Election Systems has completed its acquisition of Data Information
Management Systems (D.I.M.S.).   
Data Information Management Systems was founded in 1981 by John R. Hice,
President. In these nineteen years, John and D.I.M.S. have built an
outstanding reputation for innovative election management automation,
extremely reliable software products, and dedicated customer support.
D.I.M.S. currently services more voters than any other company in the United
States.  Their  user network administers elections to over 10 million voters
within 4 States and 26 local jurisdictions.  More information on D.I.M.S.
can be found on their website at www.dims-vote.com.

We are very excited about the new opportunities D.I.M.S. is bringing to the
table and anticipate accomplishing much in the future.

Bob Urosevich

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