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Staff Website

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Hi everyone,
The staff website has been re-activated.
You may notice that we are now using SSL-based encryption for all traffic to and from the staff website. Undoubtedly you will also notice the presence of a dialog box that warns you about trusting the website's certificate.
The exact wording of the warning is:
    "The security certificate was issued by a company you have not chosen to trust. View the certificate to determine whether you want to trust the certifying authority"
It is perfectly fine to accept the warning and continue to view the site. However, if you would like to get rid of this warning, please save the attached server certificate. This attached certificate will allow you to trust the staff website's certificate. To install it:
Once the new certificate is installed, your browser will trust the staff website's certificate.
If you have any problems, please contact me.

Attachment: Diebold Election Systems.cer
Description: application/x509-ca-cert