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Job Code Number Update

Greetings to all;

Attached is the latest revision to the job code numbers assigned to specific
contracts, projects, and demonstrations
where costs are currently being tracked.  Please, save this list and use
this information.  Where there is doubt as to which job code number to use,
please ask your department head for clarification.  But the general rule is
as follows;

If you complete a time sheet, expense form, or a customer trip report, use
the appropriate job code number.
If you request a work order or purchase order, use the appropriate job code
If you approve an invoice or complete a check request form, use the
appropriate job code number.
If there is no specific job code number for what you are currently working
on, use the default classification of ZZ000000;  don't leave it blank.

Please continue to send timesheets, inquiries, and other information to this
e-mail address.  Larry Hogan has moved on, but his computer remains.  I am
now the contact for all things job code related....

I appreciate all your assistance AND your patience.


Patt May
Accounting Dept.

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