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Greetings to all, again.

To follow up on my earlier announcement under the the name of "Larry Hogan",
I have assumed the duties relating to our job cost efforts.  To clear up any
mystery...it's just me.  Unfortunately, the information from the
larry-computer can't be integrated into my workstation yet.  I have two
computers for the time being, and the only thing they will grudgingly share
is my printer.  In an attempt to keep things consistent until I had full
access, I felt it would have been easier to have you all continue to send
timesheets to the "larry" email address.

After being notified that "larry" had been retired, and then brought out of
retirement without the same consideration, I would like to AVOID any more
confusion or interruption.  Both addresses are currently valid, but as a
precaution, please send all your stuff to my e mail address.  If anything
was returned to you as undeliverable, since last Friday, please resend it to
me here.  PLEASE make sure the subject says "Timesheet" so that nothing gets
overlooked.  That's it; it's official.

For anyone who may need the them, I am attaching updated versions of the
various forms that require job code numbers on them.  There is also the
current list of job code numbers.  Please note the new number, GA000320,
specifically for the upgrade/inventory process getting underway in the State
of Georgia.  Likewise, there is new number, MD000310, for Maryland, for work
pursuant to the remaining 19 counties not included in the original 4 county

Again, I appreciate your efforts in using the job code numbers on all your


Patt May
Acctng Dept.

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