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Absentee ballots

Absentee ballots
An election is defined with polling and absentee voter groups as well as a polling and cumulative absentee counter groups, set to the polling and absentee voter groups, respectively.  A jurisdiction-wide candidacy is defined to the <N.P.> voter group and a jurisdiction-wide precinct committee race to the polling voter group.  One polling report precinct is defined, one cumulative absentee precinct defined and linked to the polling precinct, a polling vote center and a cumulative absentee vote center, linked to the absentee precinct.  Ballot generation gives the polling vote center a ballot style with both races and the absentee vote center the ballot style with the candidacy only.  However, both ballot styles erroneously appear under the absentee precinct.
Does "However, both ballot styles erroneously appear under the absentee precinct" mean both ballots (sic) appear in the the list control for the absentee report precinct?  If so, this report might have been better phrased like this:
Absentee specific ballots appear in the ballot list control of absentee cumulative report precincts.  It shouldn't. 
Tab, please fix the report precinct category ballot style filtering when you get a chance.  Here is a sample db.  I imagine the reports aren't correct either.
Note that the vote center (and their list control) filter the ballots and cards correctly, so we download the right thing.  It is just the report precinct list control that is not filtering.