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- Cancel on TS (was RE: End Election and Cancel on TS)

> >From: "Juan A. Rivera" <VideoViper@email.msn.com>
> >To: <rcr@dieboldes.com>
> >
> >2. Make active the "cancel" vote button on the cast ballot screen on the
> end
> >of each ballot.
> [Tab wrote]:
> This works fine on my system.  Tracing through the code the only prolem I
> can find would be if the card cound not be 'Cancelled' but then you should
> get an error message.

This is not an RCR, it is a bug report.  Please review the "Mailing List
Descriptions" announcement, and send bugs to bugtrack@dieboldes.com.  It also
talks about limiting topics to one per mail.

It is probable the reason Tab can't reproduce this is due to differences in
readers.  Please follow up with the reader model used in Gaston.  I don't
expect you will see a fix in time for the election, since it is tomorrow.