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1.94xx firmware- diagnostic ballot reader test bug

Bill Pearson has isolated a bug in the 1.94xx firmware.  Though it is not serious, it is noted below.
The problem:  In diagnostic mode, after running the Ballot Reader test six times with printouts, the AccuVote will not give another printout for this test without turning the unit off and on.
1.  Run the Ballot Reader Test in the Diagnostics mode.
2.  During the printout of the seventh run of the test, the printer will lock up.  It will no longer give a printout and the message "failed open printer" will scroll on the LCD.
3.  Upon subsequent Ballot Reader Tests the unit will read ballots but will no longer give a prinout.  The "failed open printer" message will scroll instead.
4.  Other diagnostic tests (memory, printer, LCD, Auxiliary Port , etc) still run correctly.  Returning to the Ballot Reader Test still results with the "failed open printer" message.
5.  The sequence of the tests does not matter.
    Example:  Run the Ballot Reader test four times with printouts.  Do all the other diagnostic tests.  Return to the Ballot Reader test.  You will be allowed two more tests with printouts.  Subsequent tests will give the "failed open printer" message.
We ran these tests with the same results using both 1.94o and 1.94w firmware. 
The bug did not occur with 1.92t firmware
I have encountered this before during troubleshooting but have never been able to isolate it to repeatability.  Our customers should not encounter this bug unless they are deeply toying around in diagnostics. 
Steve R.