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RE: Candidate spacing changed

A number of race drawing problems were introduced in 1.8.1.  The problems
occur using combinations of:

o  Candidate block width
o  Multiple candidate columns
o  Oval offset
o  Right justified ovals

Left oval, one candidate column, with 1 or 0 as oval offset (ie what most
people use) should work as expected.  1.10.3 is in general much better than
1.8.1-1.10.2, but you can still see the problems Greg is having.  In all
cases the race will draw oddly but count correctly.  You might see strange
wrapping effects and ovals in positions slightly off from where you would
expect for example.

These bugs have now been fixed, and we will do a release shortly.  All users
of 1.8.1-1.10.3 should upgrade before generating artwork for real elections.
Users who have already printed artwork will be safe provided they are happy
with their current output.

No lashes for me this time.