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RE: AVTS 3.5.2

It does not give any error messages in any of the Audit Log files, in fact the log recoreds that it has ended the election and gives the Election Total.  However, it does create an error file with the message: Error finishing challenge result set: Error opening main challenge result file.  I also noticed that there is no crs file within the Results folder.  Only the brs and vhs files.  Looks like it is failing to create a crs file and that is the reason for the error.

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Jeff, what is the fatal error (ie in the log)?

Whitman, can you look at this and also try to reproduce Jeff's upload
problem.  Make sure to test with 1.10.3 and 3.5.1 not the latest CVS,
because upload has changed slightly.  If it doesn't happen with 1.10.4 and
(unreleased) 3.6.1, give Jeff a pre-release to play with.


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> When you go to End Election it gives you a Fatal Error message.
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