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New Install for AVTS 3.6.1

There must be certain files missing for this new install.  After I run Setup with AVTSIS-3-6-1 on Windows 98 and reboot, then start Ballot Station software I receive a fatal error.  Unfortunately, I get no other messages that tells me what files may be missing.  However, I uninstalled the AVTSIS-3-6-1 and then installed an old install of 1-1-3 and it works fine.  So obviously there are certain files in the 1-1-3 install that are not included in the 3-6-1 install.  When we created the 1-1-3 install program, I remember it was a grueling task of formatting the hard drive on a AVTS, loading up all the drivers, and then running the install program to see if it worked.  If not, we had to start all over again from scratch.  Also, if you are running the install on the same computer that you use for development, then more then likely you have all the system files needed to run the AVTS applications.  I believe there is a way to tell which System Files and DAO Files are being used when you are compiling these programs.  From looking at the AVTSIS-3-6-1 install, there are hardly any system files being used, where in the 1-1-3 install there were alot.  I will see if I can find the old 1-1-3 install setup with all the system files that it used.  I don't believe that we need to use MDAC 2.1, we just need to find the correct system files.  

Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems