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AVTS - Version 3-7-1

I have just finished installing the new AVTSIS-3-7-1 with ATVS version 3-7-1.  I have just did some basic testing and here is what I find.  1) You get an error (Error opening main ballot result file) when you try to clear totals.  2) You still get an error (The Ballot Station has experienced a fatal error) when you try to end the election.  3)  I created a voter card in Poll Book, a standard General Election, no party affiliations, but when I use the card in Ballot Station, it asks me which party to select.  Obviously, it is Non-Partisan only, but this should only happen on an Open Primay election, where you can select your party.

I will be in El Paso County, Colorado tomorrow about noon.  Do we wish to install 3-7-1 on all these AVTS units, or should we go with 3-6-1 for now??

Jeff Hintz
Global Election System