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RE: Precinct Header cards in central count

An election is defined in GEMS 1.11.1 with one polling vote center containing 20 report precincts, numbered 1 through 20.  Corresponding Precinct Header cards are returned both within and without batches in central count with the message 'Wrong Election/Press Yes & Refeed Ballot'.  Firmware is 2.00f.
This is fixed.  Nel, get Whitman to make you a 1.12 pre-release to test this, but we will hold off on a general release until Mike and Tari go to Humboldt.  I want to give 1.11.x a chance to solidify before we do another major version release.
Nel, if you are testing central count, there are a number of other things that have never been tried:
  • Straight Party
  • Party Preference
  • Recall
  • Withdrawn Races
Plus all kinds of edge conditions like races with no candidates etc.  Any testing you can do on this would be great.