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RE: Oval justification margin of 1

the default oval justification margin of 1
Umm, I think the default is 0.  I just tried creating a new election and look at the Oval/Box tab in the Ballot Options dialog.
 moves the oval in 2 timing marks - not one -
1 only moves it in one for me.  This can be a bit confusing if you are also using nonzero box margins.  If you make the box horizontal margin 1 for example, then the oval gets shifted over 1/4" plus 1/4" less 1/72", which is almost a shift of two.  Could that be what you are seeing?
 either we need to set it at 0 (to get the 1 timing mark indent) or fix the 1 to only move it 1.
If anyone else is seeing this or can shed more light, please do.