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Re: GEMS 1.11 Race Editor bugs

In GEMS 1.11.1, selecting the race type in the Race Editor causes the Label value to revert to 'Race nn' when adding a race.
This is fixed in GEMS 1.12.x
Attempting to add a recall race following an existing recall/recalled race pair in continuous add mode causes the following message to be displayed:
This is because we assume (perhaps incorrectly) that only one recalled race per recall because this is what recalls are all about.
The district of the second recall race being added is incorrectly set to the first recall race pairs's district and disabled so that it cannot be changed.  The race number displayed in the text area at the bottom of the Race Editor does not correspond to the race number, and the Endorsement drop-down list is disabled under the Options tab.
Again this is be definition.  The district a recalled race runs in must match the district of the recall race.  It should be the Preference race drop down that is disabled since this field is used to link the recalled race to the recall race.
Attempting to delete a recall/recalled race pair results in the error message 'Recalled race linked to this race - cannot delete'.
The recalled race must be deleted first and since we run through the selected list from top to bottom we try to delete the recall race first which failes.
Nel Finberg