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RE: Recount Simple Election

Simple election, 14 races on 7 ballots.  Acclamations on 4 ballots (11 races), 3 races on 3 ballots left for the election.  Print only the three ballots required and all the races and candidates print on the Accu-Vote reports.  Everything OK.
Set the 3 election races (District 10, 20 and 40) in the Reporting Sets and download "Recount" Memory Card.  Accu-Vote Zero Totals Report prints label and ballots cast by poll continuously in a loop without printing candidates.  Either I am not setting it up correctly or ....

Greg Forsythe
I do not understand what "three races" you mean.  Do you mean Race 10, 20, and 40?  Race 10 is in the unassigned district.  Districts 1-10, 1-20, 1-30 have races 30, 40, 90, 130, 140, but that is more than 3.
Please follow up with the database as it is already set for recount so we can reproduce your problem.

> ...  The text from the "TEST RESULTS REPORT" to the end
> of the ballot information in the "SUMMARY TOTALS" kept repeating.

  Turns out that the repeating report problem was a bug in the Accu-Basic
interpreter in
all current 1.94 releases that was triggered by having no cards for a
precinct.  This will
be fixed for all future firmware releases.  No memory card, commications
protocol, or GEMS
change is required.

Guy Lancaster <glanca@dieboldes.com>
Global Election Systems Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada