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RE: C*ncel button language

> Spanish Ballot - If you touch the upper left hand corner on final
> screen to
> make the C*ncel button appear, the C*ncel Button has both Spanish
> & English
> text.

I can't reproduce this one.  I get English "C*ncel" for both English and
Spanish language selections.  This seems reasonable since the poll workers
presumably speak English.  If it is not, you can always change the
RVD_C*ncelButtonText.rtf file to whatever you like.

The buttons aren't really capable of combining two rich text fields.  I note
that in the GEMS/TSText/1034 directory the RVD_C*ncelButtonText.rtf file has
"C*ncel" in english, so I don't even know where the Spanish translation you
are seeing is comming from.  Check out your TSText directories -- that is
where the text comes from.