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No Voter Groups with TS

GEMS 1-11-5    AVTSIS-3-9-4   AVTS-3-9-4
District with three wards and five voter groups (non-partisan plus four others).  One voting location for each of the wards and two Advance Voting Locations (Early).  Download by modem from GEMS to AT.  "Download completed successfully"  "transfer completed". A potential for 5 ballots per ward and three wards, there should be 15 ballots in the Advance Vote and there is in the Readiness Testing.
Problem - Exit Admin from Ballot Station, CTL-ALT-DEL to change to Poll book and enter Manager Card.  When Manager Card is removed it states No Elections Selected with the error code Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression 'Level 1ID = 1 AND Level 2ID = 1 AND'
Voting cards are able to be created but none of the voter group races appear.  There is a blank drop down window which might hold the voter group choices.
The Advance Vote shows all 15 ballots in the Readiness Testing but in the Poll book shows only the names of the wards in the drop down menu.  There is another blank drop down menu which should hold the voter group info (assumed)
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