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RE: bug

The problem is with the build.  The resource IDs don't match for the common dialogs in ballot station and poll book.  I will commit changes to make them common, but I have no (easy) way of telling if all the buttons have the same IDs etc.  Tab, is the plan still to move this stuff into a common directory and use #include directives?
Dmitry, wait for my commit, and then make clean in both the ballot station and poll book projects before building the poll book.  This will solve the problem.
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Testing is continuing on AVTSIS 3.9.5.  I found in Pollbook, in "options", that the "transfer key" in the drop down menu does not activate the "transfer menu".  Therefore, you are not able to transfer results from the Pollbook, only from the Ballotstation.  Ken is aware of the problem, and is working on it.  Thanks