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TS bugs

These are some of the bugs that I have found so far.
  1. Downloaded another vote center onto an empty disk.  TS proceeded to build db.  Then it asked me if I wanted to overwrite the existing db?  Yes.  Then it failed in RefreshAdmin().  pDoc is NULL.
  2. Pressing View Ballot Result button causes an assertion failure in accumulator.
  3. Election Name & Vote Center loses rtf when rebuilding db as a result of disk change.
  4. More of a question than a bug.  Should Supervisor button have password protection similar to AV?
  5. Election label is covered by election total in Voter Instruction screen.
  6. Doing a print report causes an assertion failure in accumulator as well.
  7. Assertion failure in OnSwitchView() when a new disk that is in election mode is inserted.