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The following problems have been found in BallotStation 3.10.3


  • When entering Ballot Station main admin screen an error message pops up

“A:\My Elections\ is not the root directory of a removable drive”.

This is fixed by setting your DEF registry setting to “A:\”

  • After the above registry setting is made and Ballot Station is restarted the next message appears.

“All Election Data will be lost on a: OK to continue”

What if you are programming many machines with one disk.

  • After Downloading the Election

Election Name not coming up.

  • When entering Readiness testing an Error Occurs when you try to View the ballot.

“Error Initializing Ballot Dialog, No ballot Defined”

  • When in Readiness testing Select language button

No languages to choose.

  • Went back and re-downloaded database with Election/Languages – Check Boxes AccuVote, and AccuVote-TS Checked.

“Ballot Station Hard Crashed when Setting up Election.”

  • In Admin choose Test Count Button:

“Error, Please see a poll worker”

“Error Details- Unknown error initializing open poll screen”

  • Disk Label

Fine in .TXT file, Garbled when printed out

Mike Brown

1611 Wilmeth Road

McKinney, TX 75069-8250