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Re: 195 anoka .abo file


  I changed the anoka.abo in the ftp://ftp.dieboldes.com/pub/GEMSFix/195anoka.zip file but I haven't actually run it.  Would you please check that it is now printing the election date and let me know if there are any further problems?



Tyler wrote:

 It appears that the 195 anoka .abo file does not put the correct election date on the Accu-Vote labels/results tapes.  Instead of deriving the date from the election date field in GEMS, it gives the date of 9/15/98.  I discovered this during training with Washington County, MN.  I do not know if Anoka County is having the same problem, but it needs to be fixed ASAP as Washington is pretty deep into election preparation for the November election (i.e. ballot artwork has been sent to the printer). Tyler