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Re: problem queuing up in GEMS

GEMS-1-13-2 is ready:
GEMS-1-13-2.zip                  obhfs4iypfnd3
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From: Ken Clark
Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 1999 6:21 PM
Subject: RE: problem queuing up in GEMS

Found this bug while trying to test out the write-in report.  I chose a couple of vote centers to switch them to accu touch option.  Then I selected Gems->'AV Server v2'.  Got the AccuVote Server dialog and  tried to queue up one of the vote center.  It would not queue the vote center.  The highlight would disappear and no 'Q' appears.  Tested this on GEMS-1-13-1 with the same result. 
Okay.  I knew the new servers would be rough.   The problem is only with the user interface -- the vcenter is actually queued.  You can proceed with the download if you ignore the lack of a Q.
I have a fix.  Dmitry, please release GEMS 1.13.2 after I commit.