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Voter History in 3.10.x and Challenge Voters

Mixing challenge and non-challenge on the same floppy may corrupt the voter history file.  I say "may" because the corruption happens when the order of the voter history is randomized, so it will not happen with every voter.  Statistically it will eventually happen with enough voters though. 
The safe fix for now is to disable the voter history feature entirely.  AVTS 3.10.11 does this.  This affects the Ballot Station application only -- the Poll Book does not open the voter history file.
If you get an error message refering to the "vhs" file, then it is corrupt.  This will happen on start up or shut down when the integrity of the files is checked.  The ballot results and audit file will be intact.
AVTS-3-10-11.zip                       dq1dkdklkfdbf
AVTSIS-3-10-11.zip                    ez/d0jhnbbbx2
AVTSIS-NOMDAC-3-10-11.zip     zmbdlfgftcarg

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