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RE: Zero report not zero (RE: AVTS-3-10-10 & Gems 1-13-3)

> Ok, after trying several different AVTS units with different Microsoft
> Operating Systems.  Here is what I found:  Windows 95 has the problem of
> not printing zeros, Windows 98 that has been converted froma
> Windows 95 has
> the problem of not printing zeros.  But a system with a fresh install of
> only Windows 98 does print out the zeros report correctly.  I am assuming
> that all the AVTS units in El Paso were installed fresh with Windows 98
> since they did not report any problems there.

Great work Jeff.  Microsoft is really going to send me to the insane assylum
one of these days.

I have worked around the problem even when using a broken OS, but it
involved changes in the way we total the results, which is very sensitive to
say the least.  We'll do a release shortly, but it deserves some serious

We'll try to track down exactly what is different between these upgraded
machines and newly installed ones.  Who knows what other crap lurks in