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PB 3-10-16 (Gaston Fix)

Hi All,

Installed and tested PB 3-10-16, and found the following:

1) Able to load all three diskettes:  950:00, 950:1, 950:2.  But was only able to transfer 950:2.  Does this new PB, include the fix for the version #?  If not ignore....No readme was included with new PB.
2) PB should only print non-challenged votes, right?  If this is so, how do you report challenged votes in GEMS?
3) Shouldn't the Election Counters read total ballots cast?  Whether challenged or non-challenged?  For example, loaded 2 disk, 1 with 21 ballots,  2nd one 38.  The printed results show "Election Counter"  3 instead of 59? ...Thinking that this might confuse the poll workers.  Maybe adding a second line to the ticker tape reflecting non-challenged voters --- since the race totals only include non-challenged votes.   Just a suggestion!

Jane Barth