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Re: Summary Report and Cards Cast Report in 1.11.5

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From: Tyler
Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 1999 12:49 PM
Subject: Summary Report and Cards Cast Report in 1.11.5

I also previewed a cards cast report of a district (a city within a county) with six sub-districts (city council districts within the city).  Each city council district has one report precinct named "Statesville X" where X is the city council district number.  Only three out of the six city council districts have a race assigned to them, the others are idle this year (1,4, and 6 are active; 2,3, and 5 are idle).  Voter registration figures are entered for the three report precincts which correspond to the three city council districts holding elections.  Results are entered manually in these three report precincts including number of cards cast.  The cards cast report is customized to show precincts in the parent district (the city) with precinct detail (i.e. I and D are both checked for district "City of Statesville").  The report itself shows a card assigned to the other city precincts which had no race assigned to them, shows a Cast figure for those same idle precincts which had no results entered, and shows a Voters figure for those same precincts in which no registration figure had been entered.  Database is attached.
The customer who reported this also faxed to me a Cards Cast Report apparently customized in the same manner as listed in the previous paragraph.  This report shows six city council districts with one report precinct listed under each.  The first three districts have "Statesville 5" precinct listed under them with the same Card, Cast, and Voters figures repeated for each district (the figures are the correct ones for Statesville 1).  Remember that Statesville 5 was idle and did not have any voter registration or vote totals entered.  Statesville 4 is listed next with the correct Card, Cast, and Voters figures.  Statesville 5 is then listed again with the same Card, Cast, and Voters figures as shown on the first three precincts.  Then Statesville 6 is listed with correct Cast and Voters figures.  An active report precinct for the election, Statesville 1, is not listed at all by name, although its Cast and Voters figures do appear on the report (four separate times) as "Statesville 5".  I can fax this report to you if you wish to see it.
GEMS version is 1.11.5
This is now fixed and will be in the next GEMS Release.