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Gems 1-13-8-1

I am assuming that this is for all versions, but I am using 1-13-8-1.  I am 
trying to setup a ballot for Puerto Rico in which they wish to have 5 
columns across the ballot.  I have not problem when defining a Race as Type 
- Candidate and laying it out with 5 candidate columns.  But when I define 
a Race as Type - Endorsement and try to lay it out with 5 candidate 
columns, I get an Exception Error or Dr. Watson.  Would it be possible to 
make the Endorsement Type work the same as Candidate Type??  I need to lay 
out & test 3 different ballots for Puerto Rico, all with an Endorsement 
Race a the top and with 5 columns before the end of the this month.

Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems