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sb100 1-14-1-7

Bugs to report so far :
Print Cards castReport produces exception (attached)
After upload or downloadMC  if  you shut Accuvote off - you lose DSR - when you turn Accuvote back on Gems doesn't go back online - you must restart the port - 
If you set Absenteee inCounter group as Cumulative only box only - precinct cards won't read
If you check the CgroupId box and redownload you still cannot get precinct cards to read
After downloading - running ballots , uploading and printing reports - then reseting election  -THERE IS NO WAY TO UNSET FOR ELECTION - to change parameters of Counter groups - or anything else-  Set for Election box is not able to be unchecked.
will reload original database and try more tests
all reports (summary and SOVC )  as well as different reporting sets are fine as well as JResult Client
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