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test 2- sb100 1-14-1-7

set different values for Counter Group Absentee -  and these are results
    Cum and Pct Id's checked -  ballots won't read
    all three checked - Cum ,Pct, and CGroup - ballots won't read
    Unchecked Cumulative and checked PctIds and ballots WILL read
am able to Unset for election here
download/upload still requires you to start port again if you turn off AV  -  rams 194f<
uploaded ab card, printed reports  and am able to unset
reset, reuploaded and am able to unset
tried uploading same card again - got already uploaded message (Good)
am able to unset for election still -
also noticed when you print summary report for AB card and have Use polling counters only checked you get the summary totals (votes appear)  but the precincts reporting is 0/0 under Absentee
Is this correct ?
Print Cards cast report still gives exception error
Will go back - load original database - and test Cumulative again -  there appears be the problem -  not reading ballots with precinct id's and not being able to unset for election
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