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VTS 1.92-14: Y2K problems

VTS Patch 14 displays years where the last 2 digits are < 60
as being in 20xx but the internal date is still 19xx.  This
is causing the day of the week to be wrong.

Bonnie in Grand Traverse just upgraded from patch 9 to patch
14 (the Y2K fix) and reports that for February 22, 2000 she
is getting the day as Thursday rather than Tuesday.  I
advised her to change the election title and continue.  I
then created my own test election and confirmed that the
actual internal date is February 22, 1900 even though it
displays as Feb 22, 2000.  I'm hoping that this won't
adversly affect her election since she needs to get the
ballots done RSN.

I suggest that we need to either change the date format for
the election selection/definition screen to be "99/99/9999"
or add one hundred years to the internal date when a new
election is created and its year is before 1980 or