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Modem Upload Problems

  • Humboldt experienced this message after upload -  com port would go to accuvote on line after upload -  get the timed out msg in the message view then go back to modem on line - they were concerned that the modems were taking too long to reset ( they said 20 seconds!?)  - Tab assured me this was normal for Gems -  looking for Accuvote then finding none looking for and finding modem -   will let you know if they experience any more problems.



We seam to have a problem with modem uploads, I saw a phenomenon in Fairbanks Alaska, and Washington County where the Modem would repeat the same characteristics as Tari’s problem above.

I made the mistake of telling one of the developers a “few times”, not knowing it would fall on deaf ears.  I guess I should have made a bug report about it, instead of just letting it fly.  I know a few of you have seen this problem, (Don Biszmaier, Tari Runyan)  Can you all submit what you have seen to bugtrack@dieboldes.com



Mike Brown

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