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Re: Modem Upload Problems

This process occurs when the AccuVote is not turned off after the modem upload.  It will cease if the AccuVote is turned off.  So your pollworker instructions need to emphasize turning of AccuVote after modem upload.  Or you need to reset the modem.  This was experience from Marin.  Steve
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From: Mike Brown <mike@dieboldes.com>
To: bugtrack@dieboldes.com <bugtrack@dieboldes.com>
Date: Monday, January 10, 2000 6:03 PM
Subject: Modem Upload Problems

  • Humboldt experienced this message after upload -  com port would go to accuvote on line after upload -  get the timed out msg in the message view then go back to modem on line - they were concerned that the modems were taking too long to reset ( they said 20 seconds!?)  - Tab assured me this was normal for Gems -  looking for Accuvote then finding none looking for and finding modem -   will let you know if they experience any more problems.



We seam to have a problem with modem uploads, I saw a phenomenon in Fairbanks Alaska, and Washington County where the Modem would repeat the same characteristics as Tari’s problem above.

I made the mistake of telling one of the developers a “few times”, not knowing it would fall on deaf ears.  I guess I should have made a bug report about it, instead of just letting it fly.  I know a few of you have seen this problem, (Don Biszmaier, Tari Runyan)  Can you all submit what you have seen to bugtrack@dieboldes.com



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