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Re: Modem Upload Problems

Charlie had contacted me on Tuesday to discuss the Walton County modem problem further.  It turns out that the phone lines in the office may be at fault.  Walton County has the same DELL VTS configuration as Calhoun County.  Also the same modems with the same VTS modem configuration.  Calhoun's host computer modems hang up, Walton's don't.
It appears that the phone lines somehow fool the modem into thinking it has a carrier, even though the sending AccuVote has been turned off and its telephone cable has been unplugged from the wall jack.
At this point, the Host Computer's modem still shows its Carrier Detect LED "ON".  Only when you unplug the modem's telephone line from its wall jack, does it then lose its Carrier Detect and hang up. 
Charlie plugged a standard phone into the modem's telephone line wall jack, phoned me in McKinney, and we heard no extraneous noise on the line.  Charlie then plugged the standard phone into the second jack on the modem while the modem was plugged into the wall jack, then phoned me in McKinney, and we still heard no extraneous noise on the line.
The next step there was to get the phone company involved to check these lines, as we couldn't proceed any further.  I don't think there has been any resolution as yet.  Charlie should be able to fill us in on that when it happens.
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This process occurs when the AccuVote is not turned off after the modem upload.  It will cease if the AccuVote is turned off.  So your pollworker instructions need to emphasize turning of AccuVote after modem upload.  Or you need to reset the modem.  This was experience from Marin.  Steve
No, the problem we are seeing is worse than this.  It happens sometimes even if the AccuVote is turned off.
  I'm wondering if Charlie found out any more about the site where this is happening?  It seemed like the host modem was getting the calling mode carrier even when the calling modem, i.e. the Accu-Vote, had hung up.  Anyone heard any more?