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Re: avts3-10-20 incorrect total on tape -2

This is fixed and will be in AVTS-3-10-21. We will try to get a new release out today (Jan 20/00)
NOTE: This bug affects ALL AVTS-3-10 releases and occurs in CLOSED PRIMARY election only.
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Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2000 9:58 PM
Subject: avts3-10-20 incorrect total on tape -2

voted 3 ballots - 3 different parties - uploads and totals on Gems fine - can view ballots in viewer- all fine -      but tape from TS multiplies the votes by 8 for the shadow race - 1 vote is 8 on tape in shadow race - individual party races are printing correctly - it is the shadow race that is wrong.
also - tape still shows that 1 yes vote is 8 yes votes for a prop, 1no is 8 no  and 1 vote for a Senator is 8 votes for a senator
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