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RE: Gems 1-15-1-2 & I-Mark Import function

This is fixed and will be in 1.15.2.  Jeff, your accessment was correct;
GEMS crapped out on more than one writein.

There was also a problem with the 1.14->1.15 upgrade that caused any
candidate export ids to be lost.  You will need to reload the 1.14 dump to
get them back, or start from scratch.  There was also a database change, so
either way you'll need to dump-and-load for IMARK import to work.


> Hi Ken,
> I have the election defined for Shelby County, TN in both Gems 1-15-1-2 &
> I-Mark 1-1-3.  I am doing testing and go to do an Import IMARK
> Results and
> get the error message: Attempt to scroll past end or before beginning of
> data.  I think it has something to do with the races that have more than
> Vote For One.
> Jeff Hintz
> Global Election Systems