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Re: gems 1-14-7 and TS 3-10-21- hard crash

I have found the problem.  It is that the maximum size of the BallotRst file that we can currently upload is 1024K bytes.  The upload you tried was 1766K.  We will fix this and have it in the next release.
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Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2000 1:01 PM
Subject: gems 1-14-7 and TS 3-10-21- hard crash

set up CA SOS export on database - downloaded to TS - 3 precincts in 1 VC  - generated test count - 28,000+ ballots - no problem -  transfers results - TS says transfer complete - Gems hard crashes with C++ runtime error - and then you try to get back in and it gives you Election with same identifier already running -   3 times in a row - must reboot system to get back in - then back to hard crash as soon as gems comes up 
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