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Re: 1-14-8 Data truncated error on backup-followup

Tab, I believe this function in the "Generate ballot test" is very helpful for setting up database testing for things like the Secretary of State builds.  So could you include that in your thinking.  The four (4) step certification process in California can be done by doing a TS generate for 1 precinct for the 1st REGL file, another precinct for the 2nd REGL that is required, another TS generate for the FINL, and a 4th for the UPDT.  Each of these can be done using a single precinct.  The only issue is how to increment Pcts counted in the FINL.  Just a consideration, maybe not relevant.
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From: Talbot Iredale <tiredale@dieboldes.com>
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Date: Wednesday, February 02, 2000 9:20 AM
Subject: Re: 1-14-8 Data truncated error on backup-followup

I agree a 'BallotBox' that is more than one meg is probably unrealistic. In this case it was >28000 ballots which would take 19 days of continuous 24 hour a day voting assuming 1 minute per vote. 
The problem we have though is that the current "Generate ballot test" which is used to verify the ballot layout/recording logic by counties can generate more than this.  We would need to modify this logic to reduce the number of ballots that are generated and also decide what to do when the 'ballotbox' get > 1M.  For now it may just be easier to allow 'ballotboxes' to be upto 4M.
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From: Ken Clark
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Subject: RE: 1-14-8 Data truncated error on backup-followup

Same problem, greater than one meg ballot box, different place.  Seems to me one meg was enough and we should reject the upload if its greater.  4M is just another arbitrary (and unrealistic IMO) limit.
From: Tari Runyan [mailto:tprunyan@techline.com]
Subject: Re: 1-14-8 Data truncated error on backup-followup

if you reset election (clear the totals ) you can then backup without error
From: Tari Runyan <tprunyan@techline.com>
Subject: 1-14-8 Data truncated error on backup

got a data truncated error during backup