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Re: Ballots not processed


  I haven't managed to reproduce the condition described below.  Please give me a call Friday (I'm not in Thursday) and I'll pick your brain on the subtle details.


Steve Ricke wrote:

We are occasionally receiving tabulators from the field with the following problem. User complaint:  During election the tabulator LCD will display "BALLOT JAMMED IN READER" while the tabulator continues to accept ballots.  These ballots are passed through the tabulator without being processed or recognized by the tabulator.We have fed thousands of ballots through these units and have been unable to duplicate the complaint. Charley Conrad has been able to duplicate the malfunction.  Feed a ballot through reader and hold both ends while ballot oscillates until ballot feeds through instead of being rejected.  (Simulating an insistent voter trying to force a ballot through while blocked in the ballot box.)  The motor will now run continuously.  Any ballot, blank sheet of paper, etc. will be taken without being processed.  The LCD will have "BALLOT JAMMED IN READER" until it times out and normal Precinct Display reappears  The motor will continue to run until the unit is turned off and on.  The unit will then operate properly.  This has been tried with 1.94W.  We think it goes back to earlier releases. Steve R.