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Re: vibs

Greetings All...
I have been working with an old El Paso, TX database (English and Spanish) using Gems 1-15-3 and AVTSIS 3-12-1.
I have found the following problems, testing English only.
The database I was using had 17 Amendments. ( FOR OR AGAINST)
Everything was going fine up to Amendment #8.  I voted Amendment #8 and received the instructions to "press number 9 to accept" or
"press 0 to review", I pressed number 9 and moved on to Amendment #9.  After voting Amendment #9 and each Amendment after that,
I did not receive the instructions to "accept or to review", it just moved on to the next Amendment.
If I understood correctly after voting Amendment # 9 there were no "accept review" info. It means after you press key
1 or 2 it just moved you to the next race?  What was the last key pressed before it moved to the next race?
At Amendment #13 I pressed 0 to "vote race again", it continue to repeat the first part of the Amendment.  I had to press #9 to move on. 
At which time it jumped to Amendment #14.  This only happen for Amendment #13.
Review race starts to play race audio first and if # 9 has been pressed it moves to the next race but first we have to warn a voter
that he/she choose skip this race. I'll look into it.
I continue voting until the end of the Ballot, at which time I had the option to "cast ballot or to review ballot", I choose to review Ballot.
On Amendment # 1, the instructions I received were correct, it gave me a chance to review my selections.
On Amendment # 2, the instructions made me vote the Amendment again, and every other Amendment up to Amendment # 8.  After
Amendment # 8, the instructions made vote each Amendment again, instead of allowing me to review my selections.
This has been fixed and will be in the next release.
After all was completed above I got to the end of the Ballot and cast my vote by pressing number 9.  I had to press it twice for it to be accepted.
The instructions told me  vote had been cast.  The counter should that to be true.
Was not be able to reproduce.
I then attempt to print out some results, by pressing Reporting, by doing so, I received an "Exception error". 
Was not be able to reproduce.
Testing is on going.