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Report Failure Error on 1.94w

The memory cards (32KB) work fine initially (for printing reports and counting ballots), but at some point (that point in time varies) they fail to allow the printing of reports, displaying the message "REPORT FAILURE / PRESS ANY BUTTON".  Once you get this message, (even if the card previously printed reports) the memory card will not print on any AccuVote again.  It will keep repeating the error message above when you attempt to print zero totals or results totals, in pre-election or in election mode.
I got a call from Bill Vanderburg (Adkins).  He has experienced this 7 times in 5 different accounts in Mossouri.  Back in October/November last year and as recent as today.
He has experienced this with Absentee memory cards downloaded from VTS 1.92 and with Absentee and Precinct Memory Cards downloaded from GEMS 1.11.9.
If you duplicate the card, the error follows the duplicate.
They had not experienced this problem before changing the AccuVotes in their accounts to 1.94w.  The common factor, in Bill Vanderburg's opinion, seems to be the PC 1.94w AE firmware.
He has saved the most recent failed memory card.  If anybody needs to examine that card please contact me in McKinney.